Read carefully the some our recommendations, relating of your main actions at the beginning stage of cooperation with us.

How to


How to register

To invest in our program, or to have an opportunity to create own partner structure, you need to register the personal account. Click the “REGISTER” button and fill all subsections of the registration form. Again click the “REGISTER” button located below this form, having agreed with Rules of the services providing.


How to make a deposit

In your personal account click the “DEPOSIT” button, select a plan, type the deposit amount in subsection, having selected a payment system and a source of a deposit (having clicked “From balance” or “From payment system”) and click the “MAKE DEPOSIT” button and then click the “Process” button. After payment of the deposit you will be redirected again to your account. Congratulations! Your deposit is active!


How to withdraw

In the personal account click the “WITHDRAW” button, type the amount which is available on the account balance in this or that payment system, click the “WITHDRAW FUNDS” button and then click the “CONFIRM” button. Congratulations! Your money have been sent successfully to your ewallet, which has been specified by you at the registration.