Anti Spam Policy

This document establishes the principles of work of the Ceribo information department with the personal information of partners provided in the process of cooperation.

Privacy policy

The provisions of this privacy policy apply to all personal information that is provided by partners of the company while working on the platform Ceribo. Personal information is the user's name and login as well as the date of birth, e-mail, contacts, payment details and other data posted in the profile.

Ceribo's privacy policy does not apply to information that is posted by a user on other Internet resources, even if there are official groups and pages of the company on them or there is interaction of users and representatives of Ceribo company on these resources. These online resources include social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vkontakte and others. The listed and other sites may only be subject to their internal privacy policy, which is in no way related to the privacy policy of Ceribo.

Attention! All services of the site Ceribo are available exclusively to persons who have reached the age of 18. Visitors of the website who have not reached the specified age are prohibited from using the services of Ceribo, as well as signing up on the official resource of the company and providing personal data to the company.

Using personal data of partners

Personal information is processed by the Ceribo information department. The company may use partners' data to notify them of upcoming events, current updates as well as to provide other useful materials. Ceribo also reserves the right to share advertising information with users. In addition, it is allowed to use personal information for other purposes that do not contradict the current legislation, the achievement of which will lead to the development of the company. Personal information can also be used to strengthen partnership, resolve contentious situations, prevent fraudulent activities, etc.

Ceribo has the right to distribute summary information about users, provided in the form of reports and without mentioning logins or names.

Protection of partners' data

The company undertakes to use all permissible means to protect the personal data of users from third-party infringements and to ensure the complete confidentiality of personal information.


Each user can get answers to all questions relating to the privacy policy and the security of personal information by contacting the customer support centre. Partners can use any method of communication with company representatives out of those mentioned on the “Contacts” page of the Ceribo website. Registered users can also contact the support centre to restore lost access to their account and to receive assistance when changing their personal data.Identity verification is performed by applying a series of actions that have been developed by Ceribo staff specifically for this purpose. If a user changes personal information or requests to restore lost access to an account, the company has the right to take the necessary measures. The Information Department is also authorized to use personal data in order to clarify any questions related to the information provided by the partner as well as for emergency connection with them.

Ceribo employees may change, supplement or delete any of the provisions of this document without prior notice to partners. Each user of the site Ceribo by default provides consent to possible changes to the privacy policy. In case of disagreement with the new principles of the company's privacy policy, the partner is obliged to cease cooperation with the company on his initiative immediately.